6 days in Jordan

A unique 6-day trip to Jordan with overnight stays in both Amman and Petra and the Wadi Rum desert. We will have the opportunity to visit the most important sights of Jordan, such as the unique Petra, the desert of Wadi Rum, we will swim in the waters of the Dead Sea while we will get to know Matamba, Mount Nebo and Gerasa.


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Meeting at the airport and flight to Amman. Arrival at Amman Airport (Ancient Philadelphia). Transfer to our hotel arrangement in the rooms. Overnight. Meals: dinner

Day 2

After breakfast departure via the National Road of Kings. We will visit the city of Mataba with its beautiful mosaics, where the oldest map for the exit to the Holy City of Jerusalem is located on the floor of the monastery of St. George. Then we will reach Mount Nebo where according to tradition is the tomb of Moses and from there we will admire the wonderful view of the landscape against the backdrop of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. Then we will be transported to the Dead Sea to enjoy its beneficial properties. Overnight in the Dead Sea. Meals: breakfast, dinner

Day 3

After our breakfast, departure for Petra. Guided tour of the archeological site of Petra. And if there was no other place of interest in Jordan, it would be worthwhile to travel to this country, thanks to Petra, well hidden in the majestic rocks, a carved state. At the sight of her you are dazzled as she looks unreal, as if taken from a dream. We continue our tour by visiting the archeological site of Petra, where in the wider area are the ruins with a hundred temples, the Treasury, the royal palaces, the Roman theaters and houses, the Monument of Hydria, the Corinthian tomb and others. Accommodation at our hotel in Petra. Overnight. Meals: breakfast, dinner

Day 4

After breakfast, we will go to Beida, little Petra. We will walk on the 800-year-old ruins of its biblical structure and explore the remains of the ancient city. Then we depart for a safari with a 4×4 jeep in the Wadi Ram desert, the country of Lawrence in Arabia, as it is called, where we will be enchanted by the impressive landscapes, with the vast deserts and the huge rocky masses of Petraia Arabia that protrude through the sand. an extremely imposing spectacle. After the safari we will leave for Amman. Arrange at our hotel, dinner and overnight. Meals: breakfast, dinner

Day 5

After breakfast, departure for Gerasa. Guided tour of the best preserved Greco-Roman city in the world, Pompeii of the East as it is called by historians. Guided tour of ancient Antioch where we will admire the triumphal Arch, the Hippodrome, the Gate and the Agora, the arch of Hadrian, the temple of Zeus, Nymphaeum, the temple of Artemis and the theater. Return to our hotel, dinner and overnight. Meals: breakfast, dinner

Day 6

Breakfast. Transfer to Amman airport for our departure to Athens. Meals: breakfast

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