We provide the following services:


Air tickets

You can book one of them by our specialized partners either by mail either by phone. You will be immediately informed of the cost, deadline and cancellation policy of each airline.

Boat tickets

Make your reservation by phone or by mail up to one week before your departure always based on availability, and we will inform you for the costs,, the cancellation policy of each company, and any other offers.


Reliable accommodation at competitive prices


Finding the right accommodation is demanding and often does not fullfill your expectations. Through our huge hotel partner base we offer you reliable accommodation at competitive ratesaccording to your needs.
We are specialised in destinations all over the world by providing you these services: Below

All-inclusive stay (Includes: full meals, snacks during the day and limited drinks)
Full board accommodation (F/B) (Including: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Half board accommodation (Included: Breakfast and a Lunch or Dinner)
Bedrooms with or without breakfast


Car rental

We provide high quality car rental at affordable rates.

We work with the largest car rental companies worldwide offering customers a wide range of services in over 5,000 locations around the world.

All drivers must meet the minimum age for rental, have a valid European driving license in the Latin alphabet, and present a credit card registered in their name at the time of rental.

International tenants / drivers must have a valid driving license from their origin country in a Latin alphabet.


Business travel

Business trips are also the most important for one large number of employees.
We are well aware of the importance of the last minute in the professional field and specialize in this field actively and with immediate service.

Based on our experience as well as our teamwork that is required in our industry, we have multiannual cooperation with big companies

With the trust of our partners we can organise your business trip as well as potential corporate conferences, according to your professional "requirements". Although your booking at a particular hotel has been confirmed, the hotel, when complete, reserves the right to take you to a different hotel of the same category. The categories or stars of the hotels give a general idea of ​​the quality of the hotel and the approximate level of facilities, services and amenities. However, the criteria and specific requirements applied may vary from country to country.



Experience different destinations of your choice with our help and meet your leisure needs.
We can offer you economic destinations and you just….choose which suits you best

Marriage is undoubtedly one of the key stations of a person.
That is why you have to start your new life with the journey of your dreams.
Understanding this importance helps you to organize it from beginning to end so that your memory will remain indelible.